Gainesville Family Law, Criminal and Traffic Lawyer

The law firm of William Falik, P.A., provides focused, efficient legal representation in the areas of family law, traffic defense and criminal defense. We get results while remaining efficient and cost-effective. Our practice areas include:

Cop in MirrorCivil Traffic Offenses and Criminal Traffic Offenses

If you were charged with a traffic offense such as reckless driving, DUI or driving on a suspended license, an experienced Gainesville traffic lawyer can help you reach the best possible outcome. We are skilled at handling civil and criminal traffic matters of all kinds, facilitating solutions that include point reduction and driver’s license reinstatement.

Criminal Defense: Misdemeanor Charges and Felony Charges

We represent people charged with misdemeanors such as drug possession, petty theft, battery, resisting officers without violence, disorderly intoxication and violation of probation. We also defend clients accused of felonies like drug offenses, assault, property crimes and weapons offenses, asserting their rights and fighting for their freedom.

Divorce and Family Law

Our firm handles numerous aspects of Gainesville family law, including the dissolution of marriage. If you are going through a divorce or weighing your options, divorce attorney William Falik is committed to tailoring his approach to your unique needs and helping you arrive at the best possible outcome for yourself and your family.

Child Custody and Time Sharingfamily law

Our firm helps clients establish, modify and enforce Florida child custody (time sharing) agreements that respect their legal rights and meet the needs of their children. By being thorough and clear on these matters from the beginning, we help our clients reach resolution now and avoid hostility, conflict and litigation in the future.

Spousal Support and Child Support

We represent clients in all types of spousal support (alimony) and child support matters, helping them establish, modify and enforce court orders. If you need a lawyer with extensive knowledge of child support, we can help you.

Modification and Enforcement

If your circumstances have changed and your court order needs to be modified, or if your court-ordered arrangements are not being adhered to by the other party, you can take steps to change or enforce those orders. If, for example, you lost your job or moved, or you are not receiving support payments, or if your co-parent is not cooperating with regard to your time sharing schedule, we can assist you in making things right.

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