Child Custody, Time Sharing, Child Support

Child Custody and Time SharingChild custody and visitation, referred to as time sharing in Florida, must be determined as part of any divorce or domestic action involving shared custody of a child.  If you want to make sure your time sharing arrangements are fair, the help of an experienced lawyer may be necessary.

At the Law Office of William Falik, P.A., we help clients establish, modify and enforce time sharing agreements that respect their legal rights and meet the needs of their children. By being thorough and clear on these matters from the beginning, we help our clients reach resolution now and avoid hostility, conflict and litigation in the future. By being efficient and focused, we provide solutions that are affordable.

Concerned about legal fees? If you are researching legal fees, be sure to talk to us. In many cases, we can offer lower rates for excellent services that get results.

Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is a document that contains the details of the time sharing arrangement. The plan answers specific questions like:

  • Which nights will a child spend at each parent’s home?
  • When exactly will a child go to Mom or Dad’s house on Friday?
  • Who will pick up the child? At what time? At what location?
  • Who will pay for transportation if significant expense is involved?

We can help you petition a court to establish a time sharing plan or change an existing plan if your circumstances have changed.

Custody, Support and the Florida Department of Revenue

The Florida Department of Revenue has become well known for its child support enforcement methods. If you have a child from outside a marriage, you may be paying child support without being able to spend adequate time with your son or daughter. We may be able to help you change this.

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