Civil Litigation

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Business disputes occur regularly within every industry.  Typically, people come together to reach mutually beneficial resolutions that serve to strengthen relationships and increase future revenue.  However, at times this desired outcome is not attainable.  If one side is non-responsive or unreasonable, judicial intervention may be in order.  The Law Office of William Falik, P.A. represents corporate clients in matters requiring civil litigation.  Our goal is to seek a resolution that minimizes cost and risk while optimizing returns.  From our offices in Gainesville, we are available to handle cases throughout all of North and North Central Florida.  We offer a free initial consultation.

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Civil Defense

If a lawsuit has been filed against you or your business, you should consult an attorney immediately.  Even if the facts support your case, failing to adhere to deadlines, discovery requirements, or court orders could result in substantial consequences.  Further, a savvy plaintiff may seek ex parte orders to freeze your assets or enjoin you from carrying on your business.  Such orders can severely restrict your ability to access funds or earn an income during the proceedings.  Should you find yourself facing a lawsuit, please contact us.  We offer a free initial consultation.