Dispute Resolution/Arbitration

dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

Issues arise on a regular basis that require dispute resolution.  People will typically work to resolve matters without involving attorneys.  However, there are times that having a lawyer to advise you and communicate your position may prevent a small disagreement from escalating.  Understanding your legal footing may also help you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your position.  If you find yourself or your business in a situation that you are not comfortable navigating alone, please contact us.


In certain cases, a dispute may escalate to a point where negotiations have failed.  You may seek resolution from a neutral third party without wanting to litigate.  You may want to participate in arbitration.  Also, in some cases where the dispute is controlled by a contract, arbitration may be required.  Arbitration is similar to litigation but takes place out of court with an arbitrator who is usually selected by the parties.  Both binding and non-binding arbitration exist.  Depending on your situation, arbitration may or may not be the preferred method to resolve your matter.  If you have questions regarding your case and whether arbitration is appropriate, please contact our office.  Every case is unique and requires a full understanding of the issues before a decision can be made.

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