Gainesville Child Support Modification and Enforcement

Do Your Support or Custody Arrangements Need to Change?

modify child supportIf your income, career, living circumstances or medical expenses change, or when children’s needs change, it is possible to obtain¬†modification of an existing court order. When appropriate, our firm can help you change what you receive or pay in child support or spousal support, or modify child support, custody or visitation (time sharing) arrangements.

The law office of William Falik, P.A. has extensive experience with cases involving:

  • Parents whose time sharing agreements are not convenient or appropriate
  • Modification of child support because of job losses or income reductions
  • Parents who are relocating, or whose co-parents are relocating
  • Children’s educational or medical needs changing

Concerned about legal fees? If you are exploring your options and researching legal fees, be sure to talk to us. In many cases, we can offer lower rates for excellent services that get results.

Are You Trying to Modify Child Support or Time Sharing?

In matters of shared custody or child support both parties are obligated to adhere to court orders.

The Law Office of William Falik P.A. can help you to enforce child custody, time sharing and support orders if the agreement is not being honored. We can represent you, and help you to get the support to which you are entitled. If the other party is not following the parenting plan with regard to time sharing or any other matter of support, find ou what your legal options are.

Contact an Alachua County Modification Attorney for a Free Consultation

Need a Florida lawyer who can help you enforce child custody and modify child support orders? We offer a free consultation during which we can explain your legal rights and your options.

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